Warnings about Trail Running

Proceed, With (Some) Caution

Runners need to be cautious before heading out for a trail run and understand that, like any sport or physical activity, there are risks associated. Consider the following risks, warnings and tips before hitting the trails: Get a Cheltenham Free Bet here.Girl-Running-Painting-HD-Wallpapers-1024x576

– Know the trail; understand what the terrain is like and prepare yourself accordingly.

– Try a flat trail first; new runners should not start out on a rocky or mountainous trail, but rather gradually get there and start with flatter trails first.

– Be/ Stay alert; trails are never smooth or paved, this means that runners need to constantly scan for rocks, sticks or uneven surfaces

– Dress appropriately; if the trail is mostly covered, it will likely be chillier than the road or exposed areas, wear layers if need be.

– Understand your body; read and understand your body. Know the warning signs of exhaustion, and know your limits.

– Respect the trails; stay on the trails, do not try venturing off the trails, avoid leaving marks or being destructive to the surroundings.

– Inform someone of whereabouts; runners should either run in pairs (or groups) or inform someone before they run of where they will be going and the route they will be taking. This is a measure for runners’ safety.

– Remember any landmarks; runners should remain aware of their surroundings and take mental notes of landmarks and distinctive items so to avoid getting lost.

– Drink water; stay hydrated and ensure to bring enough water for the duration of the run or hike.

– Don’t run in the dark; trails are not lit and runners are at a higher risk of injury and getting lost if and when they choose to run in the dark.

– Consult a physician prior to running; not every athlete is fit for trail running, so make sure your body is going to be able to handle the trails prior to pushing it.

– Have fun; the purpose of trail running is to unwind and have fun, if a runner finds themselves stressed or not enjoying the experience, try a different trail or perhaps a different type of running.

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