Trail Running Equipment

Trail Running isn’t just strapping on one’s sneakers and hitting the trail: this sport requires some special equipment, mostly for the runners’ own safety. Often, runners will use especially designed shoes with knobby soles that tend to be much more rigid than those of the traditional running shoe. Shoes are often made of EVAsummer-running-kit-gear-patrol-lead-full which makes the shoe lightweight and flexible, ultimately protecting runners’ feet from puncture wounds and sharp objects. The shoes are less cushioned, because as the ground is softer on trails (i.e. grass and dirt), there is less need for cushioning and more need for traction. The shoes are also lower to the ground, which may seem like a riskier shoe with more exposure to puncturing and sharp objects, but instead offers runners more stability due to the uneven nature of the terrains. Events that are longer, usually those trail races that are over 100 miles in distance, require thicker soles for safety and health reasons. Get a Bet365 Bonus Code here. Follow all our World Cup Betting Tips here.

Additional, more optional equipment includes walking equipment (i.e. walking sticks), water bottles, sun screen and/or hats, bug spray/insect repellent, rain gear, ivy block, maps, compasses, headphones, iPods, walking sticks and extra socks/clothes. There is an increase in popularity with crampons which are items that attach to a runner’s shoe to provide additional traction, especially on snowy, icy or slippery trails. Backpacks are also a common item for those who are perhaps walking or have longer distances to go. Some backpacks even have water bottles/bladders built in to provide runners with one less thing to carry. Whistles, phones and other safety devices may be suggested or desired as well.

Ultimately, the equipment used for a trail run is up to the runner. A runner should consider the trail they are going to run, the weather, the location, the length and the time of day when choosing what equipment or items to bring with them. Get all the very best World Cup free bets here.

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