Trailrunning-nation is a Germany-based organization created by, run by and made for dedicated runners around the world. The organization is new and in the process of literally and figuratively getting its feet off the ground. Trailrunning-nation is all about continuous learning and personal development and will grow to eventually create a worldwide network with followers from all over the planet. Creators and users here are one and the same, and the site aims to be a stepping stone in the journey to ultimately put this sport on the map for it to continue gaining popularity.

The ultimate goal of the organization is to bring the world enthusiasts of trail running together and to create a global community. The passion and love for trail running is felt worldwide and trailrunning-nation aims to create a global family that will support, encourage and teach one another. Runners will be able to share and seek information while connecting with runners just like them from all over the world. Runners are motivated by each other and though it’s certainly not a team sport, trail running is more fun, engaging and beneficial when shared with others who have the same passion and love for this sport.

The website will be a domain for information sharing, with content contributed by the users themselves – the promotion of sharing is largely at the core of this organization. The site will include all information relevant to the sport. This includes localization of the best trails across the globe, the practice of trail running in different countries, details and links to events worldwide as well as articles, helpful tips and a forum for conversation. New content is always welcome and it will be and is updated regularly to provide the most up-to-date information for runners worldwide.